The Restoration

In 2011 we bought a 1969 Cheoy Lee Luders 36 with the intent of refitting it for long term off the dock living and eventual ocean crossing capability. Over the last 3 years it turned into more of a restoration project than a simple refit. The mast had been broken and re-welded crooked. The rigging was questionable. This lead to a full rig replacement. The engine was the original (no longer running) 1968 Mercedes which we replaced with a Yanmar. Nearly all of the hardware on the decks and cabin was original and it all leaked. The internal chain plates leaked.The original glass pane sandwiched between wood trim windows leaked. The toe rails were a glorious old east Asian teak. But their 42 year old bolts were weak, and they leaked. All of this leakage caused the wood interior serious damage. Just about every bulkhead was damaged, delaminating or rotting. We spent 3 years stripping the boat and replacing or re-bedding every bolt and piece of hardware. To include windows, toe rails, chain plates, stanchions, and deck and rigging hardware. Also, copious amounts of fibgerglass work was done inside the cabin repairing the damages of water and age to include replacing a rotting bulkhead with a foam core fiberglass bulkhead we built. Once the boat was leak free, structurally sound, rigged and motored we graduated to working on life systems. Solar power, wiring, plumbing, propane, canvas etc.. Making the boat a comfortable, functioning and long term seaworthy home will be an ongoing process for the next couple years at least! Browse projects by category by scrolling down and clicking the restoration images in the collumn on the right. Or click the image above for the full story of the restoration!  

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