Monday, April 16, 2012

We've Got A Haul-Out Date.

May 1st we'll get towed to a boat yard and haul out. I'm putting in a couple more half days at work, then I'm home free. We've got two weeks to prep for the haul. The previous list was the brainstorm of everything we could think of that needed to get done. Now that we've got the facts, figures and a deadline our list for pre-haul jobs are these: Reclaim the diesel from the fuel tanks, remove the old tanks, install new fuel tank, finish the wiring, install the hatch, and convert to tiller steering. Then try to get in as much sanding and grinding as we can to save time on the hard. I think I mentioned before the propane shower install, pressure water, painting the engine room. The shower and water will happen when they happen. The engine room will get done on the hard since we'll be able to pressure wash it and the bilge with the bilge plug open. It's nasty. We'll have to catch it in buckets and dispose of it appropriately because it's all engine gunk and paint. Gonna be a good time. Then we'll paint the engine room and install the engine. The engine installation is priority # 1. Gotta have a mobile boat if nothing else.

We will hire a bottom paint job, and do the deck work and the windows ourselves. The goal is to have a motor-able water tight boat in 2-3 weeks. Everything else mentioned will happen when it happens, most likely after we're back in the water and anchoring.

We're batshit nuts to haul out in May. But it can't be helped. Last April we arrived in Florida to white out rain. Heavy downpours came through a couple times a day. Luckily we've had little rain this April. But it's unlikely that luck will hold through the spring. We'll have build a tent structure over the boat to protect it. So please pray the rain stays away.. just for.. 5, 6, 7 more weeks.. yikes.

Every time I write out what needs to get done I feel a little overwhelmed. But I feel considerably less stress thinking about replacing windows in the rain than going to that little white office room. Silly as it sounds. I am super relieved and excited to get back to my life and my boat.

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