Thursday, September 26, 2013

We've Got Sails!

Mack Sails finished our sails.  The mainsail is fully battened, so you can't fold it unless you remove the battens, which means that it IS seventeen feet long.  Getting it onto the truck, to the boat, and bent onto the boom and mast was like wresting a grizzly bear. But we did it!

Then the Genoa: much easier...  more like wrestling a small black bear.

It's finally a sailboat!

Rebuilt winches.

Sails rolled up and put away.  Mack Pack/sail cover for the mainsail is still on the sewing room floor.

To start sailing, now all we need to do is rebuild two more winches, get the rest of the running rigging, mount the anchor roller, attach a boom vang, and hoist one of us up the mast for final tuning.  

For the first time in two and a half years, I can say with certainty and confidence that we are going sailing soon.  


  1. Don't see a big beefy anchor roller. In fact I don't see any at all on the bow.
    Looks like a day sailer.

    Cruising means carrying your own dock with you and that means big anchor, chain and all the ancillary deploying/retrieving gear.

    1. The anchor roller had not been mounted when the pics were taken. And the boat had not been sailed. It will be ready for sailing when the rest of the hardware (like the anchor roller) is installed. We are aware what cruising means. This has been a multi year project. The boat isn't done yet. So don't worry! We know what Anchors are for. Thanks


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