Friday, March 14, 2014

Second Sail

We had another exciting day on the water!  Clyde crewed for me again, and this time he brought his daughter. 
There was 25 knots of wind constant, and we had the first reef in both sails.  The boys ripped around the Pocket, but the 8 year old party was eventually lured into the cabin by it's oddly shaped crawl spaces. We built a pillow fort in the V-berth, kept watch through the top hatch, and even squeezed ourselves into the empty closet to lay against the hull and listen to the water in the dark. Now I know that myself and a small child can stowaway if necessary.

The GPS in the video shows our speed in knots in the upper left corner. (1 knot = 1.15 mph). Under full sail in similar conditions last week we saw 7.3 knots, and 7 pretty consistently.  We shook out the reefs while running downwind on the way back, and saw 6.8 knots in that lovely still, silent downwind way.  

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