Sunday, May 4, 2014

West Palm Beach to Miami on the ICW

A couple days in Riviera Beach/West Palm:


Playing in the shallows. (About 10 min before my 5th shoulder dislocation.)

Cruise ship returning

Peanut Island

JFK's Cold War Island Bunker

Somewhere between West Palm and Miami...:



Pulling into the Coconut Grove Sailing Club's mooring field. 

We've been in Miami for a few days. Clint has joined us and we are finishing up final preparations for our first trip to the Bahamas.  In a couple days all we will be waiting for is a good southerly wind!


  1. World travelers soon. Congrats on the cruise. She looks beautiful.

  2. After reading your blog for almost 3 years it's great to see you ready to do some sailing... especially when it's a couple Arkansan who've made it out of this state and onto the ocean. My crossing from Biscayne Bay to Bimini was one of my favorite sailing experiences, I hope your crossing goes as well.


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