Saturday, July 12, 2014

Roots Cannot Grow In Sand

Robin is on the hard in Marathon Florida for the remainder of the hurricane season. and I am back in Arkansas with Sarah until she gets and recovers from shoulder surgery.  I thought I would be back spinning a salty yarn or two for these land lubbers, but I must admit the mountains and forest are my true home, and I quickly fall in love again.  I have come to realize how much I dislike sun, sand, and surf  (the three evil "S"s)...  well, I have always disliked that fiery ball of deadly radiation in our skies, but sand and surf come in a close second and third.  To me, sun, sand, and surf are the obstacles that stand in the way of complete enjoyment of cruising by sail.  Cruising a sailboat is about wind, billions of stars, landing on foreign soil (specifically, soil) and observing (and killing and eating) foreign flora and fauna.

So I am back in the Arkansas Summer.  Another evil "S" and something I was, to a degree, fearing.  This is mainly due to the bugs and temperatures that Arkansas can produce, but here I sit in mid July enjoying reasonable temperatures, and most of all the glorious shade!  Elms, Oaks, Sweet Gums, Junipers and many more are all in full leaf and fruiting.  No tropical plant nor landscape can compete with rolling hills, farmland, and massive majestic (deciduous) trees creating endless shade canopy over a soft forest floor.

Neither Sarah nor I are fans of the three evil "S"s, and it is for this reason that Robin will most likely be setting sail for cooler climes come autumn.  Personally, I won't be happy until icicles are hanging from my rigging, but Sarah is a bit more sensible and plans on stopping at a latitude before water becomes solid.  In the meantime while we are in Arkansas and Robin is on the hard, we hope to spend our time posting updates both on what occurred in the Bahamas and on our land-locked summer in our native home of the Ozarks, perhaps even expanding the definition of what it means to be a Venture Minimalist.

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  1. I'm glad to see your post. I've followed you since a mention was made in Duckworks long ago. I've looked forward to each of your posts, admire your determination and perseverance. I bought a decrepit houseboat and rebuilt her while living on it the whole time and can feel your pain. Best wishes to you guys. I'm from Oklahoma right across your line and have been in Russellville many times.


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