Monday, February 27, 2012

I'd Rather Dumpster Dive Than 9-5

But it's still 9-5 for now.  It's lobotomizing, demotivating and I probably won't  have much to say until I'm back on the boat full time.  Which, fingers crossed will be in April.
Let's see.. We got 2 new fiberglass propane tanks and set up. So now we have a safe propane system rather than the one that was a couple years out of spec. Now our boat is now less likely to blow up. Guess that's an improvement.
We found a mast on Craig's List with the exact dimensions we need.  The sellers are about to cut it up for scrap if someone does not want it, so they are trying to get rid of it cheap. So cheap that we will probably go to Jacksonville and get it rather than even making a carbon-fiber one like AJ was going to do. So I guess that is good news. There is also a Yanmar on Craig's List that we are looking at.
The population of this town and the Marina seems to be growing exponentially. Drives keep getting longer and parking more scarce. I think we enjoyed life more on the ball despite the extra "work" it required.  We used to spend time in the cockpit enjoying the evening, the air, the psychedelic colors on the water, being on a boat. Now we stay holed up in the cabin because we are in such a public space. Never come out to see the day. No real exercise or stimulus built into life anymore. Ho hum blah blah.  Why is it that the more mind-numbing the 9-5 activity is, the more mindnumbing I want my post work activities to be? It's a trap!
But at least the last few months have taught me a few things about myself.  I now know what it is like to live without electricity or refrigeration or most modern conveniences. It ain't so bad.  And thanks to this job, I now I know without doubt that I am on the right path, because I'd rather go without than sell my time.  No question.  I'm Just counting down the days until I can go back to work on the boat.


  1. Hi Guys> I've been following your blog with quite a bit of interest since: I also bought a 1969 Luders 36 around the time you did, I was (and now am again) in Germany (teaching to get up some money to continue the adventure), and I also got stuck for a year or so in South Carolina because of the stupid engine! (the original perkins diesel.

    small world, huh?
    but I'm from the state of Maine> and am still trying to get the boat north!
    drop me a note> does it show tmy email address in this reply?
    David B//

  2. Wow, even the Germany connection :) Very small world! Good luck on your adventures!


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