Monday, April 30, 2012

1 Day to Haul Out

Aside from Wordpress not working our two laptops went kaput. The NetBook was dropped in the water a couple months ago. Since then we've been using the old power sucker laptops. Both of them stopped working today. Hopefully a new power supply will bring mine back or else the pics are gone forever. The other one is done for.

Tomorrow we haul out. There is a severe lake wind warning tomorrow with 20 mph winds. Not great for towing, but we'll see what happens. Right now the boat is jerking violently on the dock lines due to chop. We've been bouncing around for a couple days. It's pretty annoying.
We're going to try to set up Internet at the house we're going to stay at, and hopefully get the computer with the pics running again...
Big day tomorrow!


  1. WhooHoo and happy hauling and good "courage" to you!

  2. Hang on to the laptops, you can retrieve data from the hard drives, even if the laptop no longer powers on. It's pretty cheap too, take it to a computer repai shop, and they will put all the data on an external.


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