Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 Days To Haul Out

Coming to you live from our first post via phone. Our Internet connection is crap and I haven't been able to get Wordpress to load for days. This next post was going to be mostly pictures, but that will have to wait until the web is back or I figure out how to move pics to the iPhone and then be able to find them. Any clues?

We got a couple more thunder storms that brought a cold front. Been sunny and cool since. Supposed to be sunny and warm until the rain returns May 1, the day we haul out.

Aj is still trying to remove the old hatch lip. Its not coming out easily. But it should come out today. The tiller head is getting machined, and will be ready this week. We have to install the tiller steering before getting towed. I've been working everyday heat gunning scraping and sanding the exterior wood. I should move to sealing and caulking soon - ish. But more on the projects when I can upload pics.

We've also been making calls to painters, machinists, cranes and riggers getting price quotes and setting appointments. We'll have Mack Sails remove our mast while on the hard. Then we'll redo the mast support wall, Which will be a very cool interior renovation, resulting in wet locker and hanging space. I learned a lot from European furniture stores. Genius convertible spaces and storage solutions in tiny spaces. I'll show you the drawing someday. I'm pretty stoked about it.

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  1. Hi Guys> found this link re: transferring the photos> hope it helps!


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