Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Birthday

We have poor internet connectivity right now so the blog is getting neglected.  But we are not behind on the boat! The opening portholes are installed, the exterior wood is refinished, the new toe rails are prepped, and the engine is installed, the interior cabin trim is ready to go, the mast support is in the works, as is the tiller head, and our new mast and boom are ready to be prepped. We have our hands in every project all at once right now.  New posts on the projects coming soon!

 We had a wonderful Thanksgiving work day.  No one was at the yard, it was quiet, cool, and breezy.  The yard is now nearly full of boats with a quick turnover rate. Something I've noticed about boat yards is that everyone likes to talk about what they are doing far more than they like doing it.  We lose about 2 hours of work a day to friendly chit chat.  So one day of interruption free work was refreshing, almost meditative.  Our favorite Taco Truck was open, so we didn't starve on Thanksgiving.  Gracias amigo.  And we did have a pumpkin pie. So we made out pretty well.  Not far from the yard is Vesuvio's, a tiny Italian restaurant with the best pizza I've had since Italy. And they only want $3.99 for two huge slices and a drink.  It can be lunch for 2. We were there the day before Thanksgiving and they were selling pumpkin and apple pies.  I was really happy about this because if I could cook right now, I'd at least have made a pumpkin pie.  I don't care about the turkey, I look forward to pumpkin pie for breakfast.  And AJ's 32nd birthday was the subsequent Saturday, and I couldn't make his favorite pie, mince meat, or his second favorite, apple. So we snagged both pies. I had a marvelous epiphany when I was thinking about the pumpkin pie; not a single ingredient requires refrigeration.  Pumpkin pie for breakfast could be regular thing on the sea...  AJ's apple pie was the best apple pie I've ever had, no contest. Vesuvio's has a tiny magic kitchen, and tiny magic prices. So we had a very happy Thanksgiving and a happy birthday.

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