Thursday, January 17, 2013

Post Holiday Update

Sorry for the lack of updates! We are back in Florida. We arrived late Friday and spent the weekend getting settled in our new living situation.  A befriended painter at the boat yard offered us his sofa bed for the last stretch of the refit.  It couldn't be a bigger blessing. If we had to stay in a hotel we probably would have had to stay in AR with AJ's parents for a couple months raising the funds to return. We started the week off prepping for splashing but AJ came down with something. Just about everyone we've talked to has been sick, so it seems it was only a matter of time. I'm usually the one that gets sick, but we'll see if I survive this one or if we'll both be out the rest of the week. 

We don't have internet where we're staying, and if we do it right we won't have much time to write blogs at Starbucks or a smoothie cafe. But I can upload pics and updates to Facebook from our phone easily. So if we're not posting check our Facebook page.  The "f" in the blue box in the upper right corner of the blog will take you there. 

We had a great time visiting friends and family. It was a much needed mental break from the boat. AJ stayed in AR with his parents most of the visit. My friends and family are a bit more spread out.  I spent Christmas in Chicago (My first time! Loved it!), then to St Louis and various towns in AR.  AJ and I barely saw each other on the trip, but after 2 years of being together 24/7 working on the same projects, and living in one room situations, the time apart was not so bitter. ;-) We both got to spend time with the people we needed to.  I had a blast in Chicago with my brothers. I loved the city, and even the cold! Though I'm not gonna lie, the wind got pretty brutal.  But fortunately, like the only other northern windy harbor city I've been to, Amsterdam, there was an Irish pub to rescue you with a Jameson and Baileys Irish coffee.  Chicago got it's first snow on Christmas Day, it also snowed in Russellville. So AJ and I both had a white Christmas.  I'd add a beautiful picture but blogger won't let me from the phone! 

Three weeks just didn't feel long enough.  I don't think either of us knew just how exhausted we were or how much stress we were under until we didn't have to think about the boat anymore.  On the drive back, the closer we got to Stuart, the more it felt like the world was crushing in on us. We wanted to turn around. It was really nice having friends, and not being coated in toxic chemicals everyday, and not stressing over how to ever financially pull this off. We're so exhausted from it. But don't worry! We're not giving up! We just have to get over the flu now...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and new year!

Remember, if we're not blogging check our Facebook!


  1. Hang in there! It'll be worth it, once you're out on the big blue sea. You've made it farther than most do. Get well, and good luck with the splash!

  2. Perplexity inspires creativity. Have some faith in your own ingenuity! You WILL figure it out and it WILL be great.

  3. I dont know if you read Capy Fatty, but he and Caroline, and the Pardy's also funnily enough, recommend a few weeks every year away from the 'boat' separately. Look I live in Daytona Beach - until i get my next boat - its a small condo but if you need a break for a few days you are welcome to come stay. You can message me thru SV Bora Da on FB. I think you are doing remarkable things with your lives. Hang n there. Kieran


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