Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beating Summer

We finally got smart and joined the rest of dockdwellers everywhere and got a small AC window unit. We had already employed the tent, and while it helps, it didn't prevent you from sweating all over your paint as you lay it, or whatever you were working on in the 80+% humidity with temps still fluctuating near 100 inside the cabin.  Work shifts got shorter and shorter and morale was on a downward spiral.  The AC had trouble competing against direct sun on the bare decks, but with the tent it works really well. Heaven is a box of cold air.

We mounted the mainsheet traveler.  In order for the ropes to clear the cockpit seat backs it had to be put on a riser.  A beasty four inch tall block of mahogany that required six inch screws.

We mounted the boom to determine exactly how much to shorten it. At it's current length it just barely clears the back stays by about 1/4". A little tight!

We also needed the boom to take our sail measurements.  We ran the tape up the halyards yesterday and delivered the measurements to Mack Sails!

Tropical storm Chantal broke up, but we are still in the middle of a week of rain and thunder. I enjoy the cloud cover but rain is slowing us down! 

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