Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arkansas Autumn

The leaves changed color this week.  I forgot how quickly it happens.  We are enjoying our time with friends and family and have decided to stay through Christmas. But the boat won't be totally neglected for that long because AJ and his dad are going to go work on it after Thanksgiving! There are a few final projects that would be better served with two sets of man arms.  And I know AJ has wanted to work on the boat with his dad, (who inspired his dream to sail in childhood), since we bought the boat.  I am so happy this worked out.  They will finish up the sailing essential projects and take S/V Robin our for it's first sail.  When we return after Christmas we will move aboard, finalize interior living systems, and sail away.  We'll shove off the coast of Florida in January 2014. Or February... But we will be starting this adventure by my 32nd birthday (the last day of February!).  I've gotten so lost in the lifestyle of working on a boat that I'm trying to imagine actually traveling with it. Trying to wrap my head around sailing and living rather than sanding and grinding! Trying to wrap my head around the fact that this next year will be spent in foreign countries...and the sea!  We married with the goal of sailing away in 2007, bought a boat in 2011, and will sail in 2014. 7 years from dream initiation to goal completion. 7 years good luck I hope! 

Many thanks to our readers for all of the kind and supportive words these last few months. They mean a lot, and have really helped keep us motivated. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Yayyyy! You're finally going to do it! Love following along, can't wait to see you on the move.


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