Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pelican Portraits

I'm excited to say that I got a new camera with Christmas monies. My 6 yr old cybershot had a permanent smudge on the lens, and it's pictures washed out in sun and blacked out in dim light. I don't want to start traveling without one decent little point and shoot! After researching lower end digital cameras, I ordered a Canon Powershot Elph 330.  It won PC Magazines editors choice, and I am not disappointed. It has a super wide lens which is good for taking pictures in small spaces like boats. It pics up light well in dim spaces, and it doesn't lose detail when zoomed in.  I am happy to present the first pictures I've ever taken of birds that are not grey silhouettes!

These were all taken from the slightly rocking cockpit of my boat, with the camera zoomed in almost to the max.  I think this little camera will capture the Bahamas nicely! 

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