Monday, September 15, 2014

Post Surgery Update From Arkansas

We've managed to keep ourselves super busy this past month. So busy we haven't had a chance to blog! AJ is building a pine and cedar strip sailing canoe with his dad. No surprise there! And we both have been helping my brother do some home renovations. He works overtime, and I had lots of time. Plus the idea of home renovation projects peaked my interest. I'm rather unfamiliar with home construction, but after working on a boat for 3 years, a house looks totally different to me now. It's not the mystical perma-structure it once was. Now when I walk into a house I see the materials, construction methods, and infinite potential for awesome changes.  Drilling that first hole or taking that first swing at sheet rock is scary, but I eliminated that fear after years with the boat.  Now I have no real hesitation breaking into anything, only excitement about what it can become.  We ripped up the old carpet and laid hard floor, which looks amazing, and are converting the garage into another room.  I have to say working on houses is a bit more fun than working on boats. They're considerably less toxic, trash is easy to dispense of, they have infinite water coming out of shiny metal fixtures everywhere, they're climate controlled, and they sit still.  It's just too easy. 

About a week before my surgery the floors were finished and we moved in. We decided to be in town at my brothers for recovery, instead of out in the country at my moms virgining homestead. The goats, pigs and chickens are a lot of fun, but it's more convenient being in town close to people and groceries when you're debilitated. And I get to see my brother a lot more! So I'm in a pretty happy place for recovery.  

My surgery was September 4th.  Turns out the top of my humorous bone had chipped each time it dislocated. There wasn't any cartilage left in the socket,  and the tendon that is suppose to keep the arm from falling out to the front wasn't really attached.  They reattached it via suture anchor. So now I have a little plastic screw in there somewhere.  I'll be in a sling for 6 weeks, then begin physical therapy. Consistent pain only lasted about 7 days.  Now they're isn't much discomfort unless I move it, so that's nice. Today is the first day I can wiggle my arm up to the keyboard and type with both hands. Woohoo!

Below I'm sporting my five new incision scars the day after surgery.  On the left AJ is chillin' with Glitch. They're just too cute. 

Posts on sailing the Bahamas will soon resume, followed by building a cedar strip canoe. By then we'll probably be ready to head back to the boat in Florida.  And maybe this time we'll sail away.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I'm sorry sorry your shoulder thing turned out to be so serious. Hopefully they've patched you up and you'll be as good as Drew Brees!


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