Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Taking a ride on a 1940 Open Cockpit Biplane

Flying is truly my favorite thing to do.  So for my birthday, AJ called Overseas Aero Tours here in Marathon, and booked a ride on a 1940 WACO UPF-7 open cockpit biplane!

It was a 14 minute flight that circled Marathon. We asked the pilot to fly over our boat in Boot Key Harbor anchorage specifically, and he obliged.  Around minute 10, he flew a few circles over Robin. I had never flown on a plane that small, and was surprised at how little g-force I felt. I barely noticed when it effortlessly lifted off the runway. Mainly, I was concerned that the lenses of my cheap sunglasses might pop out from the wind. But they survived intact. I want to learn to fly now more than ever... You just can't beat the view.

This is the low quality compressed video.  I didn't have time (3 hours) to upload the multi-gig version. But someday. Possibly.

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