Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Swimming With Pigs

Big Major Cay is famous for its feral swimming pigs. There's more than one tall tale of how the pigs came to the island. It is said by some that their ancestors survived a shipwreck by swimming to shore. Others say they were abandoned by sailors who never came back to cook them. Some even say that in the 1990's, a farmer left his pigs there, returning periodically to select one for slaughter.  Regardless, over the years they multiplied as they drew attention from passing boaters who fed them.  Now they are masters of their own domain, Pig Beach. They're becoming a bit of a sensation and based on the number of boats in the nearby anchorages they're probably being fed by people daily. 

They will follow you around until they realize you really are out of carrots.  Then you have to follow them around.

There is a sign on the island requesting fresh water for the pigs.  Luckily we had brought our own water bottles so could comply.  They did seem more excited about the water than the carrots. 

There are also many chickens, roosters, and sea birds roaming the beach. The bird populace feasted on our cherios which the pigs more or less turned down. No doubt dreaming of melon rinds to come.

These pigs are pretty chill. Rockin' their private-island-life fate of swimming in the cool Caribbean and lounging on the beach while people arrive to serve their meals and pet them.  A place where man pays tribute to pig in paradise. And paradise pig fears no man.  

They do love the water, and they really do swim out to greet boats.

 Unless they are busy napping in the shade. 

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