Tuesday, November 6, 2012


OK, where did we leave off? Sandy flooded the apartment, and we were going to install the rudder, finish the engine installation and move to the dock at the apartment to finish the rest.  I had a sense of foreboding when I wrote that, tinged with dread.  Just when we think we've caught a break, everything changes.  What is true today is never true tomorrow in this process.  The near-daily reevaluation is more exhausting than boat work.   We are delayed by homeless again.  We didn't get to spend this week plumbing the engine, we spent it moving.  Everything.  Again.  Since moving off the boat for the refit, I think we've spent more time moving or looking for lodging than we have on the refit.  At least it feels that way.

We couldn't move back into the apartment immediately because the landlord had to wait a week for his insurance adjuster to show up and inspect.  During that wait, he decided it would be best if we didn't move back in so he could refurnish the place for his December guests.  He gave us our November rent back, and we didn't argue.

We don't have a dock to take the boat to anymore, so we're staying on the hard this month to make the boat move-aboard ready by doing all the things that require toxic curing chemicals first. Windows, toe rails, bulkheads, and moldy locker cleaning/painting are next on the menu. Sunday we cleaned out the boat, sorted and organized. Yesterday we started the windows.  Tomorrow.. well I'm not going to say.  Because I don't want to jinx it.  I've already said too much.

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