Tuesday, March 8, 2016

South Bimini Island

We've spent the last few days anchored in Nixon's Harbor in South Bimini.  It's been super windy since we arrived!


We dingy in from the anchorage to the docks pictured below. They are near Mackey's Sandbar, one of two restaurants on the island. The other is a breakfast/lunch place at the only marina, Bimini Sands.  

Mackey's Sandbar restaurant. Free Wifi. Great service. Expensive food ($13-$45 a plate). Average priced beer ($4).

The streets are lined with conch shells.

We spent the last few days wandering the beautiful island.

Beautiful beach plants.

Iron shore

Life on iron shores.

Lone coconut tree sapling in the shallows.

Funky tree with blood red wood.

View of Robin from shore

Commercial fishing

Tall ship

There is very little traffic on the island. Walking or biking is easy.  But there is also a "free" bus you can hail on VHF radio channel 68, courtesy of the marina, whether you are a marina guest or not... tips are welcome of course, and if the bus isn't running, a $3 taxi can be hailed on channel 68 as well. Being a British protectorate, they drive on the left. But it can take a while to notice because really, they just drive on whatever side best avoids potholes in the packed sand roads. One rarely passes another vehicle (the occasional car, but usually golf carts) and the speed limit is 25mph so it really doesn't matter.

Views from the roadside.

The Bahamians here are the nicest people I've met. They are quick to say hello with a big smile, and will help you out in any way they can.

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