Friday, April 1, 2016

Flo's Conch Bar

Flo's Conch Bar on Little Harbour Cay is a lone restaurant on a barely inhabited island, in a barely inhabited island chain.  It is open only when guests show up by boat and hail them on radio channel 68.  On our third day in Little Harbour we reached Flo's and got an evening reservation at the remote restaurant only accessible by water. 

There could be no question you were in the right place. Aside from Flo's bar being the only visible sign of human inhabitance, the shoreline is buried in piles and piles and piles of conch shells.

At 5:30 we tied up to their dinghy dock/conch cracking station,

saw a nurse shark

and walked up to to the bar

amidst the roaming geese and peacocks.

When we got inside, there was another couple from S/V Pura Vida already happily sipping beer. Nice name. We sat down and did the "where'd ya come from - where ya goin" exchange. At which point Chester Darville, a tall broad Bahamian man with a rather serious disposition came out and said "Two for dinner. Do you want conch fritters before dinner?" I think that may be the only thing he said all night. We were served conch fritters followed by a conch and fried fish diner.  It was excellent.

We dined as the sun set over Little Harbor's shallows.

The couple from S/V PuraVida had sailed multiple seasons in the Bahamas, and had a custom weather forecast from Chris Parker.  They were a jolly wealth of pertinent information.   We ran into them in future anchorages and they were always the boat to rally the neighbors on the radio and discuss coming weather conditions and route planning. We were in need of a fuel/water fill-up, so our next stop had to be Chub Cay marina.  Based on his information we decided we would need to leave for the Chub club the next day.

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  1. Amazing, you guys! Keep 'em coming. Sigh......someday! :-)


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